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Me my Sister and the Elephant by LotteBubbles Me my Sister and the Elephant :iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 2 18 Hello You by LotteBubbles Hello You :iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 1 14 StrangerDays:Roux:Colour by LotteBubbles StrangerDays:Roux:Colour :iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 0 0 Screen Shot This by LotteBubbles Screen Shot This :iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 0 10
Mature content
End Of Hope. Pt3 :iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 0 13
Group Shot by LotteBubbles Group Shot :iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 1 24
Once In A Life Time Meeting
DOTM- Starscreams Fangirl.
This is only a quick drabble, it's from a while ago and my mood insists I post it now.
Please Note: Written first person point of view and it kicks off in the middle of things.

I looked at the towering form above me with a mixture of shock, awe and the smallest bit of insane excitement despite it all. How many times had my mind run away with the idea of finally meeting them, of everyone else being wrong? And then what, we'd all be rewarded for our never faltering loyalty?
But now though, now I kind of wish it weren't these ones…somehow I knew it would have to be these ones, none of the others made sense…if it could make any sense at all. They were real-he was real, so completely and utterly real he'd blown apart my office sending me flying towards imminent pain and suffering. How could I still be giddy when I couldn't feel below my armpits anymore?
:iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 2 11
Only Ever Him
She snuggled into the warm arms that wrapped around her, burying her face into his shirt, the unique smell of him assaulting her senses, sending tingling warmth through her body.
His lips were soft on as he placed a chaste kiss atop her head, his hair falling to hide his face as strong arms curled tightly around the smaller form, blocking out the entire outside world, leaving just them.
"Please answer me……" the words were muffled against his chest, a hint of desperation sneaking into her voice.
"Please" it was half whispered and rough with the flood of emotions she had no hope of tracking. The well-built frame tensed, it was evidence of the near constant training he insisted upon.
A sigh was heard in her ear as he battled unseen foes within himself.
He pulled her closer, if such a thing were even possible and possessively so at that. After a deathly silence he finally whispered,"me" the word was rough with unknown emotion, "you choose me".
She closed whatever po
:iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 3 14
Mature content
End Of Hope-pt2 :iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 0 7
In The End We Remember
Fandom: Transformers
Universe:Post DOTM-Cannon events
Author:Lotte Bubbles
Characters: Focus on Annabelle Lennox-William Lennox and Sarah-mentions of other Movie Cannon bots.
Notes: Written right after first viewing of flim at 4am or something like that.
All mistakes are mine.
This works on the fact that I've made Annabelle turn One in 2007(most likely-Late 07)
It was Annabelle's fifth birthday, William Lennox watched as his daughter ran amongst the other children, acting completely normal and fine, he had spent more time then he'd thought possible trying to breach the subject with his daughter, and on a few occasions when he'd been talking about the death of his friend and guardian he had spotted a small feet running from behind the door way. He ended all conversations quickly and gone in hunt of his daughter, when he found her she was sitting playing on the floor quietly, one hand tightly gripping the neck lace she'd been given on her second birthday, it shone with a bizarre b
:iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 12 7
End Of Hope-Pt1
Fandom: Transformers
Universe: Transformers Prime-AU
Author: Lotte-Bubbles
Characters: Bulkhead and Miko
References To Non-Prime Cannon: Miko's battle suit is inspired by Veritys in Last Stand of the Wreckers
Notes: This takes place in a world 15 years later, all three kids have gone into the military/alliance with the bots who've settle perminantly on Earth and Mars, thogh still are at war with the Decepticons.
In this story the Cons come knocking and hell breaks loose.
The war was lost and with it her hope for survival, she watched on the monitor in the bunker as the last line of defence-their-no…it was her last hope rushed to defend them all.
Jack in the corner-unwillingly kept back from battle with the destruction of his jet and his family's undeniable calls for him to stay.
Raf, still single, still alone but not without friends on the base
:iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 9 5
Blurr's Thingy
Author: Lotte-Bubbles1990
World: G1-IDW
Timeline Placement: Unknown
Characters-featured or mentioned:Blurr and ?
Pairings: None
"Hey Blurr?" I call out, spotting the swift blue mech entering the rec room.
"Yeah?" he's over by my side in an instant, I'll never get used to the speed he can put on in a matter of astro seconds.
I hold back my words for a minute-curiosity winning out "what is with the... the thingy on your helm?" I ask fiddling with the cube of high-grade in my hands.
His face twists into an unreadable mask of confusion mixed with something else.
He finally speaks "thingy?" head tilting to the side while he tries to unravel the question.
"Yeah" my own servo goes to the top of my helm "the swoopy pointy thing you've got up here-what's it do…or…least why it up there?"  I reach over and tap the side of it making h
:iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 4 6
Halloween Down Under Take 2 by LotteBubbles Halloween Down Under Take 2 :iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 1 14 Halloween Down Under by LotteBubbles Halloween Down Under :iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 0 18
For the Love of Love
For the love of love
What we do for our misguided conceptions of love.
We'd lie; we'd cheat and steal, all if the promise of love lay at the end.
We'd betray and kill, maim and destroy, as long as love was the reason.
Love is Blind, they say, someone who truly loves you will understand.
Why you lied to them, 'I never wanted to hurt you'.
Why you cheated on them, 'It was never meant to happen, I only love you'.
Why you stole from them, 'I was going to pay you back I swear- It was for us'.
Why the betrayal never really was that, 'It wasn't like that- you don't understand'.
Why the blood is on your hands, 'They were going to hurt you; I couldn't let them hurt you'.
Why you look in the mirror and see scars, 'I didn't mean to- wrong place wrong time, I'd never do that'.
Why everything you had is ruined and everyone you know has gone.
'It's because I love you- you'd do the same for me…wouldn't you? You love me don't you?'
When faced with that, it cannot be love, because nothing c
:iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 1 15
Blind Hope
Blind Hope
I wish that all I hope for was possible.
I wish that half of all I hope for was possible.
But I am not so blind to believe that any hope I have has any worth or merit in the realm of possible.
So many lies we feed ourselves, and so few others need even bother telling.
We wish for the best in all so that is all we see, even when the worst is thrown at us time and time again.
We wish for peace, wealth and above all love, whether we admit it not, more then all else.
We end up deluding ourselves into seeing all three.
Into being peaceful, into having wealth, into being loved!
And yet all are forever kept from our true grasp.
So what do we really get, in this short and painful chance at life as we know it?
Some get flashes of peace; they are teased with it, only to have it ripped violently from
their hands.
Some get the briefest moments of wealth, and see it vanish faster than it ever, and find it lost forever more.
Some are tricked into believing they have found love.
:iconlottebubbles:LotteBubbles 0 7
These are clearly my Deviations. This will mostly be dominated by writing of some sort as I'm far more confident with my writing skills then my artistic skills.
Feel free to browse


Cyclonus and Tailgate Dragonformers by Uniformshark Cyclonus and Tailgate Dragonformers :iconuniformshark:Uniformshark 323 13 Myra Cousland and Alistair by SarahMillerCreations Myra Cousland and Alistair :iconsarahmillercreations:SarahMillerCreations 705 139 Blade and staff by Dolmheon
Mature content
Blade and staff :icondolmheon:Dolmheon 954 270
Whirl Girl by dcjosh Whirl Girl :icondcjosh:dcjosh 79 8 Valentine Machines by dcjosh Valentine Machines :icondcjosh:dcjosh 124 32 BOTCON exclusive Chromedome Rewind print by dcjosh BOTCON exclusive Chromedome Rewind print :icondcjosh:dcjosh 322 23 TFTM pack in comic pg1 by dcjosh TFTM pack in comic pg1 :icondcjosh:dcjosh 131 15 MTMTE The Wake by dcjosh MTMTE The Wake :icondcjosh:dcjosh 620 45 Commission : Steadfast by alteride Commission : Steadfast :iconalteride:alteride 50 26 Let Me Help You... by ThornQueen Let Me Help You... :iconthornqueen:ThornQueen 5 19 Like a Sir by SergeantDuck
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Like a Sir :iconsergeantduck:SergeantDuck 28 23
Minion Aid by SergeantDuck Minion Aid :iconsergeantduck:SergeantDuck 3 17 Killin Braincells With Paint by SergeantDuck Killin Braincells With Paint :iconsergeantduck:SergeantDuck 6 10 Give me your face!!! by SergeantDuck Give me your face!!! :iconsergeantduck:SergeantDuck 11 9 Mission: Sit down in a mech suit by SergeantDuck
Mature content
Mission: Sit down in a mech suit :iconsergeantduck:SergeantDuck 29 44
Favourites-Art by other members I think needs more love and exposure to the wider community. Take a look, they're quite a talented bunch


To start with this is a horribly adorable picture and I'll be the first to admit that I'm one of the worlds biggest suckers when it com...

I would love to offer you fair a justified critique on this artwork. So I'll try and gather my brain and let you know whats jumbling ar...


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I've been gone since...oh jesus almost a year exactly. Wow. Um, for those of you who didn't scrap me from your watch list hey long time no see I actually missed you guys.  As of now I have 9,597 deviations outstanding, 491 journals and 8 messages...

Where have I been? Well for a while I was graduating highschool and then I just lost the will to be a productive human, I found tumblr and that was one hell of a slippery slope. I also discovering Mass Effect, Tomb Raider and in general 'Gaming'.

I'm going to clean out my inbox and clear out how many people I watch. I just...damn wow.

I'm on tumblr now properly so if you ask I'll send through my tumblr details though I post even more useless crap than I ever did here.


Charlie Anne
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Current Residence: QLD Australia
Print preference: uhhh paper...
Favourite genre of music: Everything really, it all depends on my mood and what I'm doing really so I find myself with a broad range of options:)

Operating System: I abadoned Vista for a new Laptop with Windows 7...

Shell of choice: I'm not a crab last time I checked

Wallpaper of choice: nor a wall

Skin of choice: the one that holds me together

Favourite cartoon character: too many, far far too many but pretty much anything Transformers, Disney or Pixar

Personal Quote: Life takes time to organize, Right now I have a little bit of time, so its a little bit organised...but not much.

Hope you like my stuff and if you don't check out my ever growing favourites, you might like soemthing in there:D


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